Camp Living Stones

We made it to Etowah, TN last night around 5:30. Carter survived his first long road trip successfully. The camp is beautiful. There is a group of teenagers here from somewhere in TN and they are heading out tomorrow. The next group coming is from Arkansas and they will be here tomorrow evening. They are all 7th graders. Whew!!

Carter is loving camp life. There are others kids to play with and 3 big dogs that love to play fetch. We helped put toppings on homemade pizzas for lunch, but otherwise, we have been playing and relaxing. David got the sawmill set up. There were already a bunch of logs on the ground, so his job will be milling lumber for future use by the camp. Gary Mills has been up there with David while Rachel has been busy helping in the kitchen.


The terrain is hilly. We aren’t in the mountains, but we are definitely in the foothills. It’s been good exercise. Gary has put in that me and David need to ride the zip-line tomorrow. Maybe it will work out; it looks like a lot of fun. The weather is nice right now, but is supposed to get cold first of the week. I’m enjoying getting to know the staff, especially the family that runs the kitchen; there are 3 teenage girls and 1 boy that help their mom and they are homeschooled.  They are good company.

I’m so thankful for the chance to get to travel up here with David and learn how to serve as a family. I’m still not exactly sure how it looks, but I’m trying hard to let control go and go with the flow. I think I did pretty good today! Camp life is a lot slower paced, which is a welcome break to the busyness of the past 2 months. I had time to write and read today, which has been in short supply lately. I’m looking forward to a nice week of making new friends, helping when we can, and growing closer to Christ.


One thought on “Camp Living Stones

  1. Glad to see that you made it successfully. We never doubted that you would. Have a blessed week ahead and know that we are praying for you daily.


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