Then it hit me…

I was so proud of myself last night. Despite the craziness of the week, I managed to get to class an hour early and really get some stuff organized. I had been having some computer problems the previous class (2 weeks earlier) and I “noticed” that the computer had been replaced with a different one. This excited me greatly.

I always have my night classes sit in a half circle so we can easily discuss topics, so I began moving furniture around. I found it a little odd that the desks were arranged differently and there was an extra table in the class, but I figured someone decided they needed it in there. I sat down at the computer, reviewed my lesson plan for the night, ate my sandwich, gathered my thoughts, selected the “teachery” video that would best motivate my students, and I waited for them to begin arriving.  I anticipated the arrival of students by about 5:30, so by the time 5:45 came and went I began getting anxious. Did I miss a memo about campus being closed? Did I get my days mixed up? So many thoughts paraded through my mind as I seriously began wondering about my students.

At 5:55 I began fretting. Were they okay? Were there multiple accidents? Finally at 6:00 I decided  to look outside. I poked my head out of the classroom and I heard laughter coming from the classroom next door. I stood on my tiptoes and looked through the glass on the door. There was my class just hanging out, waiting on me to arrive.

Then it hit me…I set up in the wrong classroom. Oh my gosh! Talk about embarrassed. But my students were so gracious.

It made me think about how sometimes I am wholeheartedly trying to seek after God. My heart is focused and I think what I’m doing and what I have planned is right in center of his plan for my life. I am prepared and ready, and I think I have it all figured out and then it hits me…I am in the wrong room all together. Sometimes my plan isn’t always God’s plan. And that’s when the Holy Spirit starts nudging at my heart to go “look out the door” and see where I really need to be.

One thing I’ve learned is that if we truly desire to honor God, then our desires and his desires will begin to become one in the same. If we take the time to listen to his guidance, he will make sure we end up in the right place at the right time; and sometimes he even lets us stay set up in the room we already picked out!


2 thoughts on “Then it hit me…

  1. Christy, I really enjoy your blogs. Please include me in on your mail out list. Thanks, and I love you.
    Jesus loves you to—so that makes a majority!
    Looking forward to your writings.


  2. Love you, Girlfriend. And I really enjoy your writings so much. It’s called “gifted”! Also, thank you for the Valentine family pictures. We LOVED them! They are in the middle of our children and grandchildren!!!:)


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