Heart Nurturing

I’ve got tons to do; papers to grade, lesson plans to finish but my mind is anywhere but here. I’m in that space between present and absent. The demands of life are flooding around me, but my heart is being drawn away to a place of serenity and rest. Piano music is playing in the background and I can’t help but let the notes permeate my soul. I’m taken back to middle school; laying on the floor of Mrs. Juanita Ragans’ house, listening to her flawlessly and passionately play song after song on her piano. It seemed like every care disappeared, every fear cowered, and every dream came to life. There was something about listening to the melodies of her fingers that was inspiring and magical.

I close my eyes and rest in this in between world. Something inside rises up, swells up. It’s full of life, full of expression. There’s so much my heart needs to say, so much emotion trying to get out; but so often it’s neglected. The cares of this world, the demands of the day, the obligations of the moment take precedence over the expression of the heart. Tears are at the back of my eyes, trying to push out; for no other reason than they can express feelings words could never say. Am I sad? No. Am I upset? No. I just have a heart that was made specially by God that was created to be expressive and if I don’t take the time to let it feel, it seems I might explode.

I take time for family, for others, for work, for household chores…but do I take time to nurture my heart? Do I take time to let my heart feel the deep melodies of a passionate pianist? Do I stop to feel the rhythm of a driving drum beat? Do I rest in the passion poured out on paper by fellow authors and let the words drive a stake into the depths of my heart? Do I stop and watch a tree sway to the rhythm of an unsung song as the birds flutter to the same harmonies? Do I stop and let my heart smile as  an elderly couple hold hands? Do I treasure the fact that a family gets one more day with a loved one before they are taken home to heaven? Do I take the time to watch a sunrise? Do I watch a new mom fall more and more in love with a precious new life?

Do I take the time to commune with God through all of these precious gifts he has given? Do I bring my heart into His presence and allow Him to nurture it with his mighty, loving hand? Or do I remain consumed and distant; performing for a world that may not even notice me?

Oh, God, thank you for this this moment; a reminder of who you are and the beauty of this world in which we live. Thank you for my heart; this place that is within me that I will never completely understand but can’t stand to neglect either. Teach me how to nurture my heart, to take time to let it feel. Draw us to to the wonders of this world, this world that you created.


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