Doctor’s Office

We went to the doctor yesterday for a check up on Carter’s arm. He’s come so far since he fell last Monday. Those first five days felt like an eternity. He wasn’t eating much at all, and what he did get down he puked up the next morning. He finally pooped after 5 days and then diarrhea took over on the weekend. Sunday when he asked for pizza, my face wasn’t big enough for the smile that spread across it! Then I sat there and watched him. He was saying, “MmmmMmmmMmmm,” as he’d swallow every bite. Since Sunday, he has gotten sooooo much better. Yesterday he ate 11 chicken nuggets. Yes, I said 11. I’m thinking he’s well on the way to recovery! The doctor said that everything looked great and that we could come back in 2 weeks for another check up; 3 weeks and the pins come out. Thanks to everyone for your texts, cards, calls and prayers.

While we were at the doctor yesterday, we met a young mama who was there with her 5 year old son. He broke his arm in the same place Carter did, so we started talking. The little boy was autistic and had a high tolerance for pain, so even though his arm was broken he was still moving around like nothing was wrong. He was there to get a cast put on it that day. She shared that their electricity was turned off and that her son was staying with her mother until they could pay the bill. She had to borrow gas money to get to the doctor that day, her car quit on her and they had to walk some of the way to the doctor’s office. She was overwhelmed with life.

As crazy as our week had been with Carter, none of it seemed to matter at that moment. I saw her pain. I saw her desire to get her son some help. I saw her need. And even though there wasn’t all that much I could do to help, I listened. I told her I would wait a few minutes for them to come out and give them a ride back to their car, but they got caught up with the doctor, and we had to head on home. I had a peace that she would be taken care of and I prayed for her as we headed out of town.

This meeting reminded me that no matter what we are going through, there are always other people who are going through tougher times. Things can always be worse and often are for those around us. Sometimes when our worlds get chaotic and crazy, that’s all we see; we fail to look past the whirlwind and see that there are others in need right around us. I was thankful for the reminder. Let’s take time to look past ourselves over the next few days and see how we can reach out to other hurting people, right next to us.


One thought on “Doctor’s Office

  1. Sorry to hear about Carter’s broken arm and illness. Thanks for the reminder to look around and be a help to others in need. Love and kindness are SO important.


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