A Good Day

I had a really neat experience this week. I was visiting an elementary school where I was observing some of my student interns. While I was reading the nameplates beside each classroom trying to find the right place for my observations, I saw some names I recognized. I was so excited when I realized that several of my former students were now official teachers with their own classrooms! I stopped by and spoke to my old students and I couldn’t help but smile. I remembered observing them during their second semester and seeing what great potential they had. It was so rewarding knowing that all of their hard work really did pay off.

I also ran into another former student. She is still working on her AA, but I haven’t seen her around campus since the spring. We talked for a while and I found out that she has gotten disheartened with school and was wondering if it was even for her. I got the opportunity to affirm her and remind her of how intelligent she is and the great odds she has overcome. I encouraged her not to give up and to try again in the spring. Who knows, that might have been the divine intervention she needed to get her life focused back in the right direction. I realized as I left that my words hold a lot of power in my students’ lives and that affirmation from an instructor is huge. I pray that I won’t miss any chance to build my students up.

That same day I stopped by Walmart to buy Carter some pull ups. Yes, we are in the potty training stage! I also picked out a few pairs of big boy underwear. When I reached over to the shelf to pull them off of the rack, a flood of tears suddenly hit. My little baby isn’t a baby anymore. He’s turning into a little boy who won’t need mommy to change his diaper. He’s learning to be independent and I guess I hadn’t really thought about it like that. Who would have thought that buying underwear would be an emotional experience! Now, don’t get me wrong, we want to move forward out of diapers, but it just hit me that he’s not going to be little forever. Today big boy underwear, tomorrow, kindergarten, and the next day graduation. Oh, how time is flying.

All in all, I had a really nice day. I was reminded of the rewards of teaching and encouraged at the idea that I got to help in the training process these now successful teachers. I got to remind a former student that she does have what it takes to be successful and I bought big boy underwear for my little man. Definitely a day filled with smiles. 🙂


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