Carter loves tractors. Maybe it’s because he is around them so much. I started laughing to myself today because I can imagine him at age 16 trying to decide between a tractor or a girl. If he’s like his daddy, it’s going to be a hard decision! I was reminded of a poem I wrote several years ago after we went on a vacation. We drove Hwy 84 through all of those small little farm towns in Georgia and David scouted out every tractor in every town-and sometimes did double or triple takes! Carter, like his daddy, can spot a tractor every place we go. So here’s the poem for my boys.


As I think about my husband, He’s my honey, he’s my dear

He doesn’t chase the women, Doesn’t touch the beer


It’s the simple things in life, That really get him going

Like a brand new trolling motor, Or a sawmill blade that’s rolling


John Deere tractor’s do the trick, When he’s cruising down the road

Ammunition, guns, and fishing poles, And his face begins to glow


And when a woman passes by, Her clothes painted on like glue

Of course he’ll look just once, As any man would do


But when we pass a dump truck, A front end loader or bull dozer

His eyes begin to glow, His movement gets real slow

His glance becomes a stare, Lustful thoughts, they fill the air


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