Confession time-I’m a cheapskate. I know that it is hard to believe, but it is really difficult for me to pay full price for a product when the generic version will do the same job. Most generic brands are very comparable in taste or functionality and I’m usually pleased with the product, especially in view of the price.

I will say, though, there are a few items that I’ve decided are not worth the generic sacrifice; toilet paper being one of those items. There is nothing fun about poking my finger through a sheet of generic toilet paper; I’m Charmin Ultra Strong all the way! Laundry detergent is another one; I love the way Gain smells and I’ve not found any other laundry soap that meets my smell-standard. Within the year I’ve also added Herbal Essence to my list. I’ve always bought off-brand shampoo and I’ve always had hair that was hard to be creative with. This recent change was much needed and my hair greatly appreciates the nutrients. My latest addition is name brand garbage bags. I accidentally bought name brand bags last month and I’ve gotten spoiled. We don’t have messes and spills due to leakage. Name brand bags are definitely worth the extra couple of dollars.

I know when it comes to spending money, generics are often an adequate substitute. We get the same product and usually the same taste or result; and our pockets are appreciative of the compromise. What I want to be careful of, though, is having a generic form of Christianity. Oftentimes I will catch myself trying to substitute good things like family, friends, work, church and even my daily quiet time routine for a real, intimate, faith-based, trust-infused relationship with Jesus. There’s no second best that could ever be an adequate substitute for real and true fellowship with Christ.

Being a cheapskate in some areas is alright, but when it comes down to a relationship with Christ, I want the real deal, not the generic brand. I want to be willing to give it all for Him, not matter the cost. How about you?


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