Carter’s Mini-Me

It started after nap time today. If Carter took a bite of his banana, then he gave a bite to Francis (his stuffed monkey). If Carter drank water from his cup, then he offered Francis a sip and then made the “mmmm” noise afterward. When I changed Carter’s diaper, he decided Francis needed a diaper on, too. When I put on Carter’s shorts, Francis needed a pair. This went on until the monkey was wearing the same color shirt and shorts as Carter, socks, and shoes. Carter and Francis rode in the car all afternoon together and Carter treated that monkey like another person. He made sure she was in a seat and comfortable. If the monkey’s shoe fell off, then Carter made sure I stopped and put it back on. He blew Francis kisses when we got in and out of the vehicle and made sure Francis could see out the window, just like him. I kept a smile on my face all afternoon. It was absolutely precious watching Carter interact with his little “Mini-Me”, Francis.

I’m so thankful that God uses children to add such joy to our lives. There was no way that I could wear a frown on my face today with Carter toting around Francis. All I could do was smirk and play along. I had such a good time dressing that silly monkey and watching Carter use his imagination. It’s neat watching him grow, change, and start to develop such a creative personality. I know it’s just the beginning! I’m looking forward to all of the future adventures!



2 thoughts on “Carter’s Mini-Me

  1. This is just great. And to think he has that much imagination. Remember, that Carter is watching all of us and one he will mimic what he’s seen and heard us do. Lord, help all of us to show him Jesus.


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