Playing Catch Up

We have almost gotten our time adjusted back to Eastern time. This week, I have been determined to wear myself out so I have to fall asleep earlier and earlier. I haven’t slowed down. While we were gone, David’s parents tended to the garden. This week Mamaw has been gone, so we took over. We have picked green beans, squash, zucchini and a few potatoes. I have been cooking squash to freeze and snapping beans to can. David’s dad got some cucumbers for me from a friend, so I’m going to try relish, for the first time, next week (thanks Mrs. Linda) along with experimenting with canning some tomatoes for stews and soups throughout the year. Corn will be ready soon. Last year I let it sit out inside too long while I was blanching it (just an hour or two) and some of it spoiled. Won’t make that mistake this year.

We try to put up enough veggies to last all year. Saves a lot on groceries and we also get to know what’s in our food. I’ve really gotten spoiled!

Carter is currently eating applesauce, raisins, and bbq chips for breakfast. Hey, whatever. It’s his taster that has to meld the weird tastes. He has been helping me load jars and put squash in pans this week. He likes to help. I load a jar with beans and he takes those beans out and puts them in another jar:). As along as they get filled, right? One of my batches of sqaush and zucchini has teeth marks on the slices. He wanted to taste each piece but then chickened out. Ha. I won’t serve that batch to anyone! He had me laughing out loud.

He changed so much while we were in Alaska. He got a lot braver, but so did mama. I had to trust that God would take care of all of us-while we traveled, doing new things, being in a new place with wild animals, and I especially had to trust him with my routine and schedule. The more I relaxed, the braver Carter got. That has continued back at home. I don’t have to be paranoid if we don’t eat supper by a certain time, whether he’s had certain foods at each meal, or if he’s had a bath (been a day or so, but tomorrow is Sunday). He’s healthy, he’s growing, and he’s happy. He’s started climbing everything, he can reach all of the light switches, is climbing steps alone, is trying to say a lot more, and is trying to run. It’s more of a gallop, skip, hop, but hey, it’s his unique run! So thankful for the opportunity to try new things and learn to trust God in a new way.

Fixing to defrost and clean out the freezer. Got to make room for next week’s veggies. I’m sure Carter will be right in the middle of it! Not a bad thing at all!


3 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Your attitude about scheduling sounds like the one at our house. They say “old people” revert back to theirs “childish” habits. So I guess we’ve about come full circle and yours with Carter has only begun. ENJOY!


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