In Fairbanks

We got into Fairbanks late Tuesday night. Yesterday we went to Sam’s Club and helped shop for camp supplies. 16 giant buggy carts later we left. Carter lasted for several hours. There were lots of people helping so it made light work of a cumbersome task.

Today we went back to Sam’s Club with 5 crates on the back of a flatbed. When I say crates, I mean bigguns; 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet wide. We worked for several hours in 85 degree weather! These folks aren’t used to this kind of weather. 2 weeks ago it was snowing! Anyway, we loaded all the crates so they can be sent on the barge in a week or so when the ice breaks on the river.

The flooding in Galena seems to be the same. Hundreds of people are still displaced. Many are in Fairbanks and other local communities. Roger and Carole have a home there and it’s flooded.

We fly out tomorrow. Should be home Saturday evening. Its been an adventure.


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