Alaska Update

We had church yesterday morning around 10:45. We listened to John McArthur and then discussed it. Roger took Les, Lane, and Opie on a snowmobile adventure first thing yesterday morning before the day really began. We are on camp time up here. Breakfast can be anywhere from 8 to 10:30. Lunch can be from 1 to 3. Supper is usually between 7 and 8. The jobs can be done at any point along the way. It’s not like we will run out of daylight!

Roger assigned tasks yesterday. Les is kind of over the greenhouse building project. Ben, Opie, and Don helped with that yesterday and will continue today. Roger and Lane sawed lumber and Lane was the “pilot” (pile it). Evans and Jake are trying to resurrect the D6 bull dozer and David is working on odd jobs here and there. Carter and I try to help Mrs. Carole as best we can. She is a great cook and we are definitely eating well.

There is only one working shower in the place. So far I’ve used it,David has used it and Mrs. Carole has used it. That is it. No one has started smelling yet, thanks to the cool weather, but I have a feeling that today might be the day for a few of the guys. Some of them are heating up water on the wood stove and getting spit baths, so that counts for something.

Everyone seems to be getting into the groove and enjoying the beautiful landscape. It really is breathtaking. It is finally warming some so Carter and I can venture out more. I am rather content with being here. The only hard part is having to brave that cold outhouse seat first thing in the morning! Whew. But I just don’t have it in me to brave the coffee can in the middle of the night.


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