A day of firsts

I must say, it’s been an interesting day. We got into Anchorage last night, slept about 5 hours and were up at 4:15 getting ready to catch our flight to Fairbanks. It felt like it took forever getting our bags checked and chasing Carter everywhere. We got him a leash, but he’d rather spend all his time wrapping himself up in it. The flight to Fairbanks wasn’t crowded, so Carter sat in a seat by himself and he did great. When we experienced a little bump or gust of wind, he just giggled and got ready for more. He loved it!

So, David’s friend Jon picked us up. We met Mrs. Carole at at a little diner and I ate my first sourdough pancake. They weren’t bad, just not what I expected. After that, David and Jon left to begin building shipped crates for the groceries that need to be sent on the barge to camp when the ice melts. Carter, Mrs. Carole and I went to Walmart, Fred Meyer, and  Safeway to get groceries. I mean lots of groceries! I pulled out all my tricks to try and entertain Carter. He got so bored. Today was the first time I’ve spent over an hour with him in a store. We survived:)

Today was also the first day that I didn’t freak out about Carter and his schedule. We ate breakfast at 6:20 Alaska time before boarding the plane. Ate again at 9:30, then shopped and didn’t lunch until 3. I just gave Carter snacks here and there and he adjusted. I kept asking myself, “Who are you and what did you do with Christy?” Even as I type, Carter is sound asleep. He never ate supper.He had a busy day.

At any given moment today, we were going to either stay in Fairbanks because of possible snow or drive to Nenana and fly out with Adam to camp. It changed at least 3 times. I made sure I had diapers, jackets and clean underwear on my person at all times and just waited for the verdict. We all ended up going to camp at some point during the day, it was just an adventure. The unknowns were a first in this new place, but it all worked out.

While we were shopping earlier in the day, David called and said I got my wish. It was snowing! Carter and I stood outside and let the snow hit us. Carter waved his hands in the air and squealed everytime a piece got him. He loved it! The air was too warm for it to stick, but we still got to see it! I’ve never had that much snow fall on me. It was really exciting. I felt like a little kid.

So, David and Roger flew out to camp, despite the snow. They told us to drive to Nenana and Adam would fly us out to camp later in the day. It was my first time in a stick shift in Alaska. It was also my first time riding in a 4 seater airplane. I did well the first 20 minutes, then my stomach revolted. I was better for about 15 more minutes and then my belly started churning again. I made it to just before we landed before I tossed my cookies again. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Carter, on the other hand, he laugheed at the bumps and wind gusts like he was on a wild roller coaster. Then halfway to camp, he grabbed his little Francis (stuffed monkey) and fell sound asleep. Despite the upset stomach, the airplane ride was spectacular. Alaska is so beautiful. There’s still frozen bodies of water and snow on the mountains. I think God breathed a little deeper when he spoke this place into being.

And lastly, this is my first trip as a wife and mother. The first time I get to come alongside David and be his helpmeet as we try to help out where ever we can while we are here. Today has been a great day of routine shaking, so, I pretty much just had to throw plans and routine out the window. And you know what? I had a great day visiting with Mrs. Carole and her family in Fairbanks and didn’t have to worry about a thing-just go along for the ride.

Oh two more things. First, I saw the largest house cats I’ve ever seen. Bigger than my rat terrier. Some African breed. Massive-huge cats! And lastly, Mrs. Carole told me that at camp, plastic coffee cans come in handy for when you don’t want to bare your butt to the cold. I smiled and laughed. All day long, I racked my brain trying to figure out how I was going to sit on one. Even if I got down on it, I couldn’t aim and hit it. And then more likely than not, I’d squish the plastic can. So me, in all of my blondness shared my concerns. David and Roger thought it was hysterically funny that  was having a hard time with this. Mrs. Carole was patient and smiled. She told me I could just stand up and hold it like peeing in cup at the doctor. Ha, talk about a blond moment. So, another first!

Fixing to power down the generator, bare my butt to the outhouse seat, and hopefully not have to aim into a coffee can in the middle of the night:)


4 thoughts on “A day of firsts

  1. Christy I loved reading this…..coffee can? Haha hehe priceless! I am praying for you all as you complete God’s work. I’m so proud of y’all. Give Carter hugs for me. Love y’all.


  2. I should have taught you how to hit a can! I can’t do the outdoor squat — I always hit my shoe! What great stories!


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