How Would Jesus Live MY Life?

This morning, Jackie preached about loving like Jesus. I’ve really been struggling with this whole loving wholeheartedly thing. It’s easy to be selfish with my love; but then I started thinking about 1 Cor. 13, “Love does not seek its own”. So is what I call love really love? If it is, it’s only thimble deep compared to the kind of love Jesus has for us.

If I’m going to love like Jesus, I’ve got to live like Jesus. How would he live my life? If he just walked in and assumed my identity, would my life even look the same? What would change if:

Jesus had my house?

Jesus had my car?

Jesus had our property?

Jesus had an extra bed?

Jesus had extra clothes?

Jesus had my stuff?

Jesus had my job?

Jesus had my talents?

Jesus had my abilities?

Jesus had my family?

Jesus had my friends?

Jesus had my marriage?

Jesus had my time?

Jesus had my life?…How would he use it? How would he make sure to bring glory to his name everyday, all the time?

I’m not really sure what the answers to all of these questions would be, but I do know one thing: a lot of things would be different if Jesus had my life as his own. Whether to give or help or surrender would never be a question. Whether to do whatever it takes for someone else would never be an iffy thing. Selfishness wouldn’t be an option. And loving-that would just be second nature.

I want to learn to love like Jesus, in every way. I have a long way to go, this I know. I read a cute story recently about a brother and sister. The little girl started naming off all of her best friends and her brother smarted off, ” Kate, God is supposed to be your best friend.” Little Kate wisely responded, “We just met. I am just getting to know him.”

Don’t you love that response? The more we get to know God, the more we will trust him. The more we know him and trust him, the more faith we will have to love and live like he would. I want to challenge you to evaluate each area of your life just like I am, and ask God how he would use your life if he was in your shoes. In every area, every situation, ask,”How would you, Jesus, live my life?”




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