People Really Live That Way!

In the ninth chapter of the book, Crazy Love, Francis Chan shares story after story of everyday people that have done and are doing amazing things for God. One guy was ministering in Ethiopia and started having extreme tooth pain. He had to leave the mission field for several days to get his teeth seen about. He told the doctor that he didn’t ever want to leave the mission field again for the sake of his teeth, so he asked the doctor to PULL THEM ALL OUT and give him false teeth instead. He didn’t want to miss even one day of ministering to the people he loved in Ethiopia. Holy Cow!

And this other dude who is an ex-con, ex-addict, and ex-alcoholic CHOOSES to be homeless. He lives in the cab of his pick up truck even though he gets a check every month. Instead of investing in the niceties of life, he spends his money on food at the grocery store. He then drives to the beach and makes meals for his fellow homeless folks and shares about the freedom that Christ brings into his life. Are you kidding me?!!

I read these accounts of people surrendering it to all to God. They give up their comforts and say yes, no matter what that means for the course of their lives.

People respond to these “radical” believers in so many ways. Some people feel guilty; guilty that they have so much and give so little or guilty because they know God requires more from them than what they are offering or willing to give.

Some people are numb. They praise these “radicals” and pat them on the back, but never feel compelled to help or do more for the cause of Christ. They are calloused to the world around them especially if it doesn’t immediately effect them.

Others may give excuses of why they can’t go or serve. They blame circumstances, life, family, jobs, finances, and situations for not being able to wholly surrender. They have a desire hidden deep within to do more, but it’s become a faint whisper in the background of a noisy life.

At different times in my life, I’ve been all of these people. I’ve felt guilty, numb, and made excuses. But I’m at a place now that I haven’t been in a long time. When I hear one of these stories of “radical” faith my soul aches deep inside. I see people answer the call to go and my heart is screaming, “Take me! Make my life useful!” My heart longs for a faith like that.

As I read these stories, tears fell down my face. What joy this kind of living must bring to these people’s lives; to the heart of our King! Every story reawakens the tug at my heart that has been pulling since I was a child. If we are all honest, we all have that tug, that ache for something more. There’s got to be more to this life than what we are experiencing.

The greater the ache, the less of this life I’m willing to hold on to. The greater the draw of my heart to God’s, the less of my heart I’m willing to keep to myself. I want to be ready for the little things and the big. When the time comes to abandon it all and step forward, I want to go. I long to go. My heart aches for that life.

But my faith is still weak. My feet are still planted. My heart is still wrestling. But the ache is resonating above the noise of this life and the louder it grows, the easier it is to believe that a faith like that is possible. Join me, if you dare, in listening to the ache in our souls; the ache that is screaming for you sink your heels in the firm foundation of his love and not in the foundation of the comforts of this world. When it’s all said and done, I want others to be able to comment about my life, “Hey! People really do live that way!”


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