What is Worship?

I stumbled across something I wrote just after Carter was born. It’s a good reminder of a mother’s purpose. I needed to hear this today, maybe it will encourage you as well.

What is Worship?


Ten days ago I gave birth to my son, Carter. Over these past few days I’ve watched as he has effortlessly become a part of our world. Sleep isn’t as important anymore. My projects can wait until a later time. My stitches and pain from the C-section don’t bother me. All that seems to matter is that I’m making sure that this new little life is okay.

On day seven, as I was in the glider rocker nursing him, I began talking to God and telling Him how thankful I was for this new little life. I felt a little guilty for not spending as much time in the Word and I expressed that to Him. Suddenly I was overcome with a great sense of purpose. No, I hadn’t read my bible in a few days, but that didn’t really matter. My purpose was to take care of Carter and to shower him with love. There would be time later to read my bible, but my ultimate act of worship was to honor Jesus in the way that I take care of my son.

And this act of worship doesn’t stop by just meeting his needs. My act of worship is praying for Carter, loving him, caring for him, teaching him about Jesus, and daily directing my focus towards God so that he will learn about Him too. I realized that worship is not just singing and praising. Worship is living in such a way that my heart and life are in sync with God’s, thus every action that I express is an expression of worship to Him.


2 thoughts on “What is Worship?

  1. You said it right. I like this definition I heard a long time ago.”Worship is my response to God.” When God does something so wonderful in our lives (like the birth of a child, or taking care of an elderly husband), when we are given such huge tasks and recognize God in them, then we can only respond to Him in worship and praise.


  2. We are living letters to a lost world. That includes every aspect of our lives. Thanks for sharing beautiful thoughts.


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