They Grow Up Too Fast

Carter has been sleeping on a blow up mattress since Christmas and we finally went and got his actual big boy bed from Mamaw’s house this week. Grammy had heavy equipment bedding that she bought at a kid’s sale a while back, so we got that from her tonight. I just made my little boy’s bed for the first time. Not a make-shift bed-Carter’s bed. I didn’t cry, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t feel the urge.

He’s growing up so fast. He climbed up to the top of a big swirly slide at the park yesterday and went down all by himself (after some help from Madison the first few times). Then he kept doing it over and over again. A few of the times he’d get to the bottom and clap for himself. Ha. He is so funny.

Today we hunted Easter eggs. They were scattered all over Granny’s yard. He picked up a few and put them in the basket. Then he decided it would be more fun to pick them up and throw them. So he’d pick up a plastic egg straight over his head in a “statue of liberty” pose, holler really loud and toss it with all his might. Then he’d laugh and jabber and do it again. He had all of us laughing.

I feel like I blinked and now he’s 20 months old. I almost hate to blink again because he’ll be grown when I open my eyes.  I’m so thankful for the privilege to be a mother, especially his mother. It’s such a joy.


One thought on “They Grow Up Too Fast

  1. Got me crying. I could say the same. It feels like it was just last week I was walking you to kindergarten and now you are a mother. Cherish every wonderful moment.


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