Mom and I went to see an old friend at the hospital today. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. We survived middle and high school together with some good memories along the way. It was so great seeing him today.

He’s battling cancer and he’s only 31. This is his 3rd go around and the doctors don’t have a good outloook. But Shawn is not looking at his life through the same lenses as the doctors. He has dreams and hopes. He is planning his future after he gets well. He is staring death in the face yet all he sees is LIFE.


It’s a word we take for granted. It’s the word that all of us exist in until we die. It’s the gift we have all been given. But until we are faced with the idea of death, oftentimes we fail to realize just how precious this gift is.

As I think about Shawn fighting this sickness, I can’t help but think about how he must feel. I didn’t get much time to chat, but if he’s anything like me, he never expected to have to fight for his life at this age. I’m sure he never imagined that he might have to forfeit the later years of his life. He has dreams. He has hopes. He has goals. But cancer doesn’t see that. Cancer doesn’t see age or dreams or desires. Cancer doesn’t see hopes or goals. Cancer doesn’t care who you are; it just attacks.

Thankfully Shawn is a fighter. He is praying for a miracle. He is pressing forward with the vision of newness and wellness. He has the will to not only survive, but to LIVE. He is realizing the value of each and every breath and I guarantee you that he isn’t ever planning on wasting another one.

So, inspired by Shawn, I want to encourage you to live. When you wake up tomorrow, don’t waste a breath. Hold your family close and make sure to tell each other that you care. If there’s a dream in your heart, start chasing it. And don’t forget to live this life to the fullest.


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