Nail in the Road

After class Tuesday I went for a jog through the neighborhoods around Lake Francis. As I was running, I saw a small nail in the road and purposefully stepped around it. I thought about going back and moving it so that no one would step on it or pick it up in a tire. But instead of going back I kept running. As I moved forward, I threw up a half-hearted prayer that no one would get hurt because of that nail. As I prayed, I thought about how easy it would have been to help prevent trouble for another person. Then I thought about applying that to my own life; how without even meaning to, I may leave obstacles in my wake that cause damage to others. Maybe it’s my attitude or a selfish action. Maybe it’s words that were spoken in haste without careful examination. My intentions at the time may not be to cause anyone harm, but through my negligence to go back and pick up “nails” I’ve left in the road, I could cause another person trouble or hardship.

Oh, God, temper my words. Expose my selfish actions. Open my eyes to “nails” I leave for others unitentionally and help me pick them up before they cause any harm.


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