God’s Will: Position or Place?

Was reminded today of something I wrote a few years ago. We were searching for a direction, unsure of what the next step would be after I quit my old job. God showed me a lot about what it meant to be “in His Will”. Here are those thoughts.

God’s Will: A Place or a Position?

Written 7/29/10

            For most of my adult life I’ve prayed that God’s will be done in my life and the lives of others. I’ve asked God to put me in the center of His will, to put me in the right job so that I could be the most effective, or to move me to the place He wants me. I’m beginning to realize that I have completely missed the point.

            God’s will is not a place. It’s a position. My husband and I are in the middle of a faith walk that is requiring us to make huge decisions about our future. As I was on my knees this morning, tears puddling on the floor beneath me, I cried out to God and asked Him for clarity. We need direction. We need to know what decision to make because we want to do what God want us to do.

            Then a great reality hit me. God gave me a glimpse of both choices and showed me that He would take care of us no matter what the decision was. He gave me the assurance that as long as I kept my heart turned toward Him, as long as all that I wanted was to please Him, honor Him and glorify Him with my life, then I was right in the center of His will. It doesn’t matter where I am physically. If my heart wants nothing more than to know Him more with my every breath, then I am in His will.

            What is God’s will for your life? I guarantee that if you truly surrender yourself to Him, to wholly supply Him with your attention and focus, and you want nothing more than to know Him, then you will be in His will. The place is just an added bonus to supplement the position of your heart.


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