The Prodigal Pigs Return

Well, it’s time for an update. We searched all afternoon for the pigs yesterday and then got the spotlight and shined the woods for them last night before bedtime. Carter had a good time riding around if nothing else was accomplished. David and his dad searched some more this morning and every time we came in and out of our property, we were combing the woods hoping for a sign of movement.

We had all but written them off by the time we made it back from Valdosta after lunch. But about midafternoon, the prodigal pigs emerged from the woods down by the shop and made their way back towards their pen. Their sides looked hollow and obviously they were hungry. David and his dad were at the shop working. They looked up, saw the pigs and both darted towards the red hog! After much squealing and squawking, blood and bruises, they managed to capture the red hog and get him back into the pen. The other hog was much more compliant and walked right back into the pen with no fuss at all! We were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to catch them, that they were gone forever; but the pigs are now safe and sound back in the pen. The hole has been plugged and we are back in the hog business!

So, in reference to the post yesterday, God did answer my prayer, just not on my time table! I never needed my piggy ears and piggy eyes that I asked him for. We just needed to patiently wait. Who would have though that those silly pigs would just walk right back up to their pen? God works in mysterious ways, but he always works-and for that I’m so thankful!


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