Diaper lessons

As I was changing Carter’s diaper yesterday, I realized how much he’s taught me. Before he came along, I’d never changed a diaper. Since then, I’ve not only gotten pretty fast in that department, but I can do it with him standing up, laying on his side, rolled over on his belly, on the floor, on the bed, on my desk, in the back of the jeep, in the backseat filled with groceries, and next to a motion-sensored sink (this is quite tricky). I have learned that certain foods shouldn’t be eaten before traveling unless I want to change his diaper again and again.

The most recent lesson, however, was after lunch the other day. Apparently getting to eat pizza just “tickled it right out of him”. I was about to put him in his seat, but decided to check his pants. I pulled out his diaper, but didn’t position my hand out to one side like usual. Definitely stuck my hand into a glob of poop that had made it’s way to the top of his diaper. Oooooky! There was no baby changing station or bathroom table at the restaurant, so we made it to the backseat of the car. Realized the wipes were almost empty and had to lay a plastic bag under him to help capture it all. Did find a roll of paper towels that we commandeered from a friend when he was projectile vomitting in their front yard last month. Meanwhile Carter is wiggling and rolling. He thinks that his private parts are particluarly fascinating so I’m trying to clean him up, hold his hands, keep him from rolling around and spreading it everywhere, while making sure no one needs the parking space next to me. Somehow he managed to get it on the inside of his pants, too, so of course Carter wanted to grab those and sling them around like a lasso. Luckily I had another pair in there. I gave him a truck in exchange for his soiled pants and he was entertained while I put the finishing touches on the clean up process. 

Why do kids wait until you are out in public to do such nasty things? I mean, not that it’s any more fun at home, but it’s like they know when you are unprepared. I have heard so many stories just like this, so I know I’m not alone. Just when you think you’ve gotten it all figured out, there’s always another lesson to learn! It’s always an adventure. But no matter how gross it gets, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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