This was from my journal, 1/20/2011.

So, was reading in Joshua. Realized that Joshua was doing what God told the people to do. He was trusting that the battle belonged to the Lord and was slowly killing off the tribes of the land. He was purging the land of evil.

You know, I started thinking. God tells us to do the same thing; purge the evil. It’s like He’s saying, “Get rid of everything that is not of Me and I will give you the victory; but you will have to fight. Death will be involved, some heavy duty trust will be required, because sometimes the enemy seems SO BIG. But you have to trust because the battle belongs to Me. You will never appreciate freedom unless you learn to fight for it. You will never truly live in the Promised Land of My Love unless you eradicate the sin that has ruled it for so long.”

God, help me not to lose heart. Help me not to miss your battles and ultimately the victory. Help me not get so overwrought with the vastness of the enemy’s army that I forget that you have called me to fight. And when you have called me to fight, the battle will ultimately be yours. The kicker: we have to completely rid the land of the opponent. If we don’t, they will return!


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