Yesterday we ran 5 miles. 5 miles! Holy Moly! When I first began running, I couldn’t imagine being able to run that far. I was excited the first day I ran a quarter of a mile without walking! In the beginning, I set some goals: to run 20 minutes, run a 5k, and run a half marathon. And now, to be in the middle of it actually happening is amazing.

My track record for completing projects has been less than good in the past. I’m a starter (with great gusto, might I add), but that whole finishing part…that has always been the hard part. I’m learning how to stick with things and running has been a good exercise in that department. If I don’t run every few days, then my body is out of practice and I get set back in the training process. If I don’t push myself harder each time, I will never get faster or learn to go farther.

As the new year has just begun, my goals for running are still the same. I’m going to keep being consistent, keep pushing, and keep trying. I think my goals for most everything else need to be the same as well. I need to be consistent, keep pushing, and keep trying in my relationships, activities, spiritual life, emotional life, and mental life. It’s important to set goals in all of these areas and consciously strive for meeting my goals.

I want to challenge you: set some goals. Make sure they are realistic and achievable, but more importantly make sure your heart is in it. If not, you are wasting your efforts. “Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23. Give God the glory! Let Him in on the goal making process, too. We get one chance at this thing called life. Make it count.


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