So, the day after my long night with a sick kid, I got a few minutes to myself. I spent some much needed time reading and journaling. I found myself whining to God about how hard I was trying to get in shape and especially lose weight. I have been at the same weight for 8 months even though I’m tightening up and my clothes fit better. I told God I really wanted to see the scale move, if even just a pound.

Well…that afternoon I caught the same bug that Carter had. I was up all Thursday night and some of Friday sick as a dog. Even after I was able to stop running to the potty, my stomach stayed in one giant cramp, so I wasn’t able to eat much of anything until today. I got on the scale Saturday and had lost 6 pounds, just from being sick! Not exactly the weight loss plan I was looking for:)

Times like this make me wonder if God really does have a sense of humor!


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