Long Night

Woke up last night to Carter making a choking sound. Turns out he was puking. I ran in there, cleaned him up and took him to the recliner where we tried to go back to sleep. He tossed and turned and I just held him. He ended up being sick a few more times. We both finally fell asleep about 7 this morning. He dozed til almost 10 and I napped on and off.

On nights like this, I feel so helpless. He can’t tell me what hurts; all that he knows is that he’s miserable. He can’t tell me when he’s going to throw up, it just suddenly happens and spews out of his mouth, covering the both of us. All I can do is hold him, clean him up, and keep trying to get food and liquid to stay down.

I was so happy when I got some food in him and he started playing today. He had a great middle of the day and afternoon. When he woke up from nap, I must have given him some kind of food that didn’t settle well. We got in the car later and he exploded all over himself and the carseat. Got him cleaned up and changed. David almost lost his cookies, too. Made it home, walked in the house and I was holding Carter. Got in the kitchen and he exploded again all over me, him and the floor beneath us. After 3 towels, a new shirt, and a bath for the kid we finally made it to supper.

You know, I never thought there would be a day when getting thrown up on would be okay. I never imagined that an almost sleepless night would be my joy.  I never imagined that a carseat and floorboard covered in vomit just wouldn’t matter. But you know, it’s amazing how much a kid changes your perspective. I would do it again and again if it meant that my little man felt better. I’m so thankful God instills this kind of love into parents. There’s nothing like it.


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