Serving God Leftovers

One of the questions in our study guide this week asks, “Would you say that you are guilty of serving ‘leftovers’ to God? How so, or why not?”

My answer: Yes. I’m so guilty of that. So, here’s where I am. My desire is to serve God with all that I am. Here’s my dilemma; I feed myself. I get dressed. I drive places. I prepare food for my family. I take care of my home. I exercise. I…just fill in the blank. Most things that I do revolve around “I”. If I don’t take care of “I” then I will cease to exist. How do you take care of yourself in a healthy way, meet your daily tasks, routines, obligations and not serve God leftovers? What’s the balance? And how do I shift from “I” to Him?

Maybe it boils down to motivation. Like, in Malachi 1:6-14, the Israelites were bringing sacfrices to the altar; but they got it all wrong. They were bringing what was convenient and easy to God. They kept what was best for themselves. Is that what it comes down to? Does it mean that living for God requires us sacrificing what is comfortable and convenient? Does it mean, that yes we have to have our needs met, but we bring everything, including our needs to Him?

In the first century, it was either fish or cut bait. There was no middle ground. In other countries, people lose their lives for trusting Jesus. But in America, why are we allowed to serve God leftovers and it be okay? Maybe we serve leftovers to God because that’s all we know and that’s how we’ve always done it.

I think, for me, instead of handing God that tupperware bowl full of cold spaghetti, I need to figure out how to get Him the whole pan while it’s piping hot. I’ve got a lot of heart checking to do this week and in the weeks to come. I’m tired of being like those selfish priests. And even though I don’t always know what it looks like to give God my “firsts” everyday, I think I need to take the time to ask Him. I need to be more than willing to sacrifice things for God. I’ve to make the shift from willing to doing.


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