The hug

Yesterday we made a stop at a neighbor’s house(this is a loose term, they live about 3 miles away). While there, they offered to let Carter ride one of their small horses. He had a blast! I’ve never heard him laugh so much and smile so big. When we got done, I asked Carter to lean in and give our neighbor a hug. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a big ole hug. When he pulled away, tears welled up in our neighbor’s eyes. That hug meant all the world to her and I’m pretty sure it made her day.

That little gesture impacted someone else. Sometimes we don’t realize how much something simple means to another person. I know that when someone calls me out of the blue and tells me they were thinking about me-wow, there’s nothing like it! Makes me feel so special. Maybe it’s a phone call. Maybe a text. Maybe a hug. Maybe a note or flowers. Whatever random, out of the ordinary act runs through your mind this week, don’t ignore it. Act on it and give someone else a simple blessing. It might just make their day!


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