I observed one of my student teachers today. She taught about erosion and weathering. One of the terms discussed was deposition. Basically, let’s say there’s a river that runs through a place. As it flows, the water picks up rock, sediment, sticks, plants, and other loose objects and takes them down river with the current. The objects are relocated, or deposited, in a new place within the same body of water.  

This idea of deposition really got me thinking. As we go through the twists and turn of the river of life, we pick up things along the way. Tidbits of advice or lifelessons. Friendships, aquaintances, jobs, significant others, families, and other relationships dealing with people. Then you have habits, whether good or bad, actions, reactions, hobbies, activities, jobs, and careers. All of these things, plus plenty more, are picked up and we carry them with us.

Picking up things is inevitable. Deposition is a natural occurence. But, we do have control over what we pick up and carry with as we move down stream. Unlike the river that just moves items naturally, we get to pick and choose what is deposited into the next section of our lives. Have we picked up bad habits somewhere upriver? Did we make bad choices? Choose the wrong job?  Good news! We can deposit them and move forward picking up something new and better.

What junk have you picked up? What do you need to deposit? Anything new you want to take down river with you for the rest of your journey?


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