Sick Baby

A mom with a sick kid is terrible! To know that my child is hurting and I don’t know where or how to make it go away is an awful and helpless feeling. He coughs and then he cries. I’m not talking just little tears. I’m talking ’bout those big ole drip down your face sink an ant elephant tears! He wraps his sweet little arms around my neck and holds on as he fights a nasty cough from way down deep. I wish I could tell him how to cough it up and clear out the mucous. He is just so little and has no idea, you know? Even as I type, he’s laying in his daddy’s lap rattling as he breathes. He’s been on meds since Friday, started heavier stuff today. I know it will run it’s course, but in the mean time, my heart breaks. When he’s in my lap, miserable and teary, I cry. I just hold him and cry. I would give anything to hurt for him, to be sick instead.

Taking that idea deeper, do you think God looks at us like that? Maybe he watches us, sick in our sin, wishing he could, trying desperately to convey to us what we need to do to make it right. The love that I have for my son is nothing compared to the love God has for us; but a parent/child relationship is a picture. I think what God wants more than anything is for us, when we are sick in sin, to come to him, climb up in his lap, and let him love us right where we are. He would give anything to hurt for us-in fact, he gave his only Son. So why do we hide? Why do we try to cure ourselves when he has the ultimate healing salve?


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