I remember being a kid and I just couldn’t wait until Halloween. I loved picking my costume and dressing up. And I really loved all the candy we got to bring home and munch on throughout the next few weeks (of course mom made us space out the sugar!).
Tonight was my first time Trick or Treating on the other side. No longer was I worried about what I’d be for Halloween or how much candy I’d rack up. No, instead, I was looking for a costume for my little boy and trying to figure out how to keep him happy for the hour we Trick or Treated with friends. He doesn’t know he’s supposed to eat candy, so he just played with it in his tub as we strolled between stops.
It’s strange being on this side of it. I don’t want the candy in the house because I’ll eat it (I’ve been working hard not to gain weight). There’s nothing appealing about dressing up, especially if it involves make-up. And I’m not real big into being scared, either.
It’s crazy how life goes full circle.


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