Got my first official rejection from a publisher today. Thought I would be ok with it. I’ve been preparing myself for weeks now. I opened the mailbox and saw the self addressed stamped envelop I sent to them. My heart stopped and I was filled with excitment. Maybe someone wanted my book! Then, all my hope crashed to the ground as I read a form letter printed on a green postcard. I thought that there couldn’t be anything worse than publishers that just don’t respond. I was wrong. A form rejection letter is worse. What did they not like? Was there potential? Should I fix some stuff and send it back? Should I just hang up the towel and stick to my day job? But, I keep telling myself that at least I tried. At least I have proof that I’m making the effort to do this. I am a writer. And one day…an author.

Getting a frame and hanging it on my wall very soon.


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