Despite the impossibleness of the task, I trudge forward. Yesterday I ran the length of the claypit both ways and I also ran from the mailbox to Angie’s both ways. Today I will add running the big hill by Chip’s and also a few power polls here and there. 3.1 miles is my first goal to run. By August I want to be able to run that distance without walking any of it. Then my next goal will be 5 miles; slowly adding distance, steadily pushing myself harder than I have in a long time.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.” Unless you have tried to train and then run, this makes no sense. Paul says in another place that he beats his body into submission. I think in order to be complete, in order to be whole physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, this must happen.

Physically: I must exercise. This means everyday, pushing harder than the day before. My body must be challenged. But I also have to take care of it. I need to drink plenty of water, eat meals and snacks that are good for my body or I won’t be able to push myself due to lack of energy. I have to remember, too, that when training, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is everyday, steady and continuous challenging until your body is beaten into compliance. I can’t let up or I have a lot of ground to make up.

Mentally: I have to have positive self talk. I have to affirm my efforts and encourage myself, but continue to present a challenge. I also need to expose myself to new ideas and challenge my mind daily whether by reading, or writing, or questioning.

Emotionally: I must have truth spoken to myself and not dwell on feelings all of the time. I need to acknowledge them, but not focus there. Examine them daily, hourly even, and make sure they are built accurately on God’s truth. Submit them to God for his view on the situation, too.

Spiritually: I need to be in the Word. I need to be praying, reading, discussing things with God. I need to dwell there and consult Him on the big and the little. I need accountability. I need contact with other believers regularly where we examine the word and learn together.

All of these really tie into one word: Discipline. Every area must be daily maintained. Every area depends on the functionality of the other.

For the first time in a really long time I want to exercise. Not because I want to impress anyone. Not because I want to compensate for a secret sin in my life. But because I’m tired of saying I wish I could run; or I wish I was in shape; or I want to be thinner. Dang it, there comes a time where the only way to change to get up off my tuff and just do it! So here I am, because I’m tired of excuses; tired of mediocre; tired of complacency.

Discipline Here I come!


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