‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, the kids were asleep,

The parents wrapped presents without even a peep.

Assembled new bikes, located the dolls,

Rediscovered the gifts stashed away since the Fall.

Filled up the stockings with knickknacks and toys,

Knowing the presents would bring so much joy.

Everything perfect, all in its place,

Wrapped and secured with ribbons and lace.

Finally they sat, lights twinkling bright,

The moon glimmered through with its eerie light.

Thoughts of parties and holiday plays,

Weary from the hustle of the Christmas Daze.

Trying to buy the best gift every year,

Tired of competing, desperate for cheer.

Worn out and weary, wondering if there’s more,

Startled they heard a knock at the door.

Their neighbor was crying, a hysterical mess,

Their house was on fire, a family in distress.

Mom scooped up the wee ones, Dad put on some clothes,

They called 911, Dad hooked up the hose.

Mom tucked in the kids all nice and snug,

Then hurried outside, her neighbor to hug.

They embraced and they cried, the flames growing higher,

Surreal and so sad, this Christmas Eve fire.

Morning, it came, with a sacred kind of joy,

Not the kind you get from gifts or from toys.

This joy was filled with thankfulness,

Blessings, and an overarching gratefulness.

Thankful for friends, thankful for life,

Thankful for surviving this scary night.

But also sad they lost all their stuff,

But recognizing God was enough.

“This,” Mom thought, “is what I’ve been missing.

This stopping to count and name every blessing.”

She forgot about gifts, the perfection, and show,

She forgot about the stockings and the tree all aglow.

Instead she spent Christmas in a new kind of way,

Serving her neighbors throughout the whole day.

Pouring out love, offering hope,

Extending a hand, and helping them cope.

See, Christmas is more than the gifts that we give,

It’s about loving, serving, and the way we live.

It’s about Jesus, his life and his death on the cross,

It’s about grace, and his blessings he pours upon us.

It’s about seeing the things that really do matter,

Not getting mixed up in the holiday clatter.

Just don’t forget that stuff is just stuff,

God is what matters, and he is enough.

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