Turtles and Tetrazzini

We pulled over on the side of our dirt road and both boys jumped out to chase a streaky head turtle. Each one took a turn trying to grab it. Just when they were about to touch him, the turtle moved and the boys both jumped. Getting that nerve up to finally commit and grab the turtle was just too scary.

The same thing happened at supper. The boys have never tried chicken tetrazzini and that was the meal of choice tonight. They both ate their fruit and kept putting off tasting the pasta. The idea of trying something new was just too much.

Both situations proved to be harmless in the end. They each finally got up the nerve and grabbed the turtle, held him, and laughed as he kicked his feet around in circles. The tetrazzini was a win, and both boys cleaned their plates. Once they got past the newness, once they changed their mindset, they were able to muster up the courage to try something new.

We all have some experience with turtles and tetrazzini, don’t we? Change starts to come. New things happen. Questions linger. And we freeze. What’s going to happen if we grab that turtle? Will it be a safe move? What will happen if we try the tetrazzini? Will it truly be the best decision? And just like my boys, we hesitate. The idea of trying something new is just too scary.

But somehow we can find the courage to move forward into change. Somehow we gather up the courage to grab the turtle and taste the tetrazzini and suddenly we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. Whatever new thing you are facing this week, be brave and do it. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it will be bad. Take a deep breath, set your worries aside and grab that turtle with everything you’ve got; and while you are at it, eat that whole plate of tetrazzini, too.


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