Taking Care of You, Part 2

Little did I know last week when I wrote about slowing down and taking care of myself that I would spend this whole last weekend in bed not caring that I hadn’t showered or changed clothes. It’s ironic how circumstances happen where you have no choice but to slow down. And no choice but to delegate and accept help from others.

My husband, family, and friends have filled in huge gaps making things happen and taking care of us. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the busyness, even though it’s good stuff, I seem to think I’m invincible and have to keep up this break-neck pace. But after this weekend I realized that sometimes we don’t get an option.

I was already run down and then when sick jumped on me, it knocked me down hard. Stay well, my friends. My best advice is advice I plan to live by a little better after I get well: rest before you have to.

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