Remember the Way

The weeds were almost as tall as my mower. It has only been three weeks since I mowed the path around the field. Unless I knew there was a path their previously, it seemed as if I was starting over. Even though I knew my allergies were going to flare up, I needed to make the pathway clear so that we could see where we were walking on future outings. I raised the deck on the mower, engaged the blades and got to work. So often, I had to slow down to make sure I was mowing in the right place. The weeds were so thick and the way was often questionable. But thankfully I remembered the way. For many months I have maintained that path and even though the weeds seemed to cover it, I was familiar enough with it to know where to go.

The weeds of life often grow up quickly like that, covering well worn paths and familiar roads. There were many times during the chaos of the summer months when I felt lost and even though I knew my way, I couldn’t see the path. I read a meme this week that says, “What you don’t change, you choose.” I can’t help but chew on that one. I chose to allow the weeds to grow for three weeks before I mowed the grass. In the same way, I choose the weeds in front of me in life when I don’t change my mindset or behavior.

Think about this reality for a moment. When we don’t change our routine to add exercise, we are choosing to remain unhealthy. When we don’t change our eating habits, we are choosing to gain weight. When we don’t read the instructions, we are choosing to make a mistake. When we don’t stop a habit, we are choosing an addiction. When we make excuses for where we are in life, we are choosing to remain stuck.

So, what path do you need to mow? Do you remember the way? What areas are you tired of choosing that actually need to be changed. Mow down those weeds. You still know the way.

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