Reclaiming What Was Lost

I honestly expected to scare up a snake as I waded into the thigh high jungle of weeds behind our shed. The area backs up to the playground and every time I am out playing with the boys, I threaten to attack and clean up that jungle. The notion finally struck this weekend, so I grabbed the weed eater and dove in. Hidden behind the weeds was a massive pile of junk that had been accumulating for the last eight years. Rotten boards, broken pipe, pieces of old windows, termite riddled wooden slabs, and other random junk that is no good for anything was stowed away back there. I put on my gloves and got to work.

As I loaded the last board in the truck I turned around and smiled. The once cluttered space was finally useful again. I raked up the leaves, leveled the ground, pulled up a chair and brainstormed about how to best reclaim this lost space. As I looked around, I saw birds swooping in and heard lizards and frogs sneaking through the fallen weeds. I felt a cool breeze and noticed the amazing shade. I began visualizing a split rail fence, bird houses, a hammock, and benches. Then I looked at the area behind the building and imagined a lean-to for garden implements and lawn tools. The dread I once felt about the wasted space was now replaced with excitement as the possibilities seemed endless.

As long as the space remained unclaimed, I couldn’t visualize how it could ever be useful, but once it was cleaned up and cleaned out the space took on a whole new feel. It made me think about my own personal journey lately. I’ve been taking my advice and trying new things. I’ve been reclaiming the time I used to waste making excuses and have been trying to hit tasks head on. Instead of dreading certain jobs, I am setting goals and working towards the finish line, even if the only steps I can take are small ones. As I reclaim these defeated areas, my whole attitude seems to brighten, from the inside out. I feel good about where my time is going instead of wallowing in guilt. I am in a better frame of mind because I am not stuck in the excuses and dread. The depression that has been hanging around the past few months seems to be lifting as the hope of productivity floods my everyday world instead. Reclaiming what was lost has been a great change of pace.

So, what areas need to be reclaimed in your life right now? Maybe there are areas of improvement to yourself or your immediate world that need to be made. Or maybe you are just down in the dumps and depression is digging its talons deep in your skin. Pick one area you can reclaim and do it with ferocity. Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, make the time to make the change. Don’t wait to reclaim what was lost. The time is now.

April 22, 2020: Reclaiming What Was Lost

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