Keep the Path Clear

I mowed the path around our field and asked myself, “Why am I doing this? We hardly ever walk around the field anymore. Why am I wasting my effort?”

Soon after, I recognized the height of the grass to either side of my trail. It was taller than the mower and there was no way I could even begin to tackle that type of grass without a large tractor. In that moment I found myself suddenly thankful I had taken the time to maintain the trail each week, even though we didn’t regularly use it. When we needed to walk on it, the path was clear.

The front yard was next. As I made my usual lines and circles, I kept noticing an area that was too congested for the mower. There was a large washout, several smaller pieces of concrete, and the water hose was draped through that area. “Why am I spending so much time on this big front yard? I need to get the weed eater and concentrate on that area since we walk there the most.” I kept circling and finally parked the mower.

Ironically, as I made my way onto the back porch, I walked through another congested area, weeds scratched my calves and butt ticklers were almost tall enough to do their job. “I’m too tired today. That tall grass will just have to wait,” I said under my breath.

But that should have been my first priority-maintaining the main walking space behind our house. It’s a main thoroughfare. Daily we walk in and out of this area. It needs to be passable. Safe. The path should be clear.

Fear of stepping on a nail or much worse, a snake, arise when the grass gets high. Feet get caught and ankles twisted as we step in holes hidden by the weeds, all because we neglected to maintain the well-trodden area.

We have to maintain ourselves as well; taking time to plan, organize, prioritize, and familiarize ourselves with the tasks of the days and weeks ahead. Make lists, write down dates on our calendars, set reminders and alarms, and think ahead. Schedule times of rest, devotion and prayer, and mental health maintenance. In a sense, these tasks seem cumbersome, but when extra events of life hit from all sides, the grass will already be mowed and there won’t be as many hidden obstacles in the way if we are intentionally maintaining life’s path that we walk every day.

Take the extra time this week to weed eat the congested areas of your life. Intentionally make the effort to create a more fluid and peaceful existence, so when life flies off the handle (because it always does), there will be some constants in place that will keep you grounded and moving forward. Keep those paths clear, my friends, and let’s keep moving forward.

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