I Don’t Want to Hurt God’s Heart

My oldest son, Carter, has been asking a lot of questions about what it means to truly follow Jesus. I want to make sure he understands all aspects, so we talked about sin and that when we sin, it hurts God’s heart.

After coming up with several examples of what sin might look like, the conversation shifted gears and the boys began playing with toys in the backseat. Suddenly, my youngest, Daniel, hauled off and clobbered his brother. Carter pulled away and tucked himself into the corner.

I waited for it. I just knew a commotion was about to break out in the backseat. But it never happened. I looked back and asked Carter if he was okay. He just nodded and through thoughtful eyes he replied, “Mama, I’m just trying really hard right now not to hurt God’s heart.” He got it! He was actually listening to all we had talked about and was immediately putting it into practice. 

His sweet innocence makes me wonder, though. Am I trying really hard not to hurt God’s heart? Am I stopping myself when the Holy Spirit puts a check in my spirit or am I falling prey to old habits?

God, I pray this week that you will open my eyes to ways that I am hurting your heart. Show me and help me desire to bless your heart, instead.


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