Hug Them Twice

What a tragic loss our community has suffered this weekend. My heart is heavy, and it aches for all involved and connected. Every time we lose a younger person I wonder why. Why now? Why these circumstances?      Why so young?

I don’t know the answer to any of these whys. As I have read countless posts from friends, family, and classmates about the loss of these precious lives, tears gather in the corner of my eyes. We are not promised tomorrow, much less today. In a moment, the ones we love can be taken from our lives. And it’s not expected. Or easy.

As I left my house yesterday, I hugged my boys and husband. But as I reached the door to leave, I went back. And hugged them twice.

So often I take for granted the moments that we have. I get distracted and put off reading a book with my little guy. Or I’m wrapped up in paying bills and neglect to listen wholeheartedly to a story I’ve heard a bazillion times. Or a text or an email takes precedence over paying race cars on my legs.

But what if it’s my last time seeing them? What if it’s their last time seeing me? What if that text or phone call is the last one we send or receive? What if we don’t get another memory to make?

As I try to wrap my brain around all of this, I think about my family and my friends and how I never want to miss a moment. I want to love them harder. Fuller. Go out of my way to connect and be with them. Linger even when I “don’t have time”. Hold them longer. Tighter. Say, “I love you,” especially when it’s hard, but also when it’s easy. And hug them twice. Or three times. Or whatever it takes to let them know just how much I love them.

This week, make it your mission to not miss the moments that matter the most. Hug them twice.



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