“Halloween Is Over Already!”

“Halloween is over already!” my son cried from the backseat. Elephant tears ran down his cheeks as he boohooed all the way home. “No more costumes,” “No more candy,” “No more running around with friends.” I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Halloween is a big deal to little kids. My sons have planned their costume 17 times in the past year, and they have already told me their ideas for next Halloween.

“Well, you know,” I tried to console him, “you can wear your costume anytime you want to now that Halloween is over. You can even sleep in it.”

Another burst of emotion followed by more tears, “It’s not the same! I never wanted it to end. I miss Halloween.” At this point his words were jumbled with overwhelming kid-sadness and there was nothing left to do but let him cry it out.

His deep expression of emotion made me think about my own season of expectation. I have been working all year to get prepared for the conference I attended two weeks ago. The anticipation was agonizing at times as the excitement welled up inside. And just like that, it was over, and I was flung back into the real world of cancer treatments, organizing two big outreach events, and the general hustle and bustle of life with two young kids. I wanted it to last longer. I wanted time to let the new ideas, material and relationships marinate deep inside my soul. I wanted the inspiration to permeate every orifice on my body and fill me so full that I was oozing with life and encouragement.

Like my son realized, all wonderful things come to an end and we can’t live in the moments of the past; we have to move ahead because time doesn’t stand still. I came home from the conference with so many new directions and I have been desperately trying to check things off my list. I find myself easily discouraged and wishing that, “Halloween wasn’t already over,” in my own life. Such excitement. Such inspiration. So many new friends.

But, I can take my own advice to my son and “wear my costume anytime I want”. I can continue to pursue my dreams. I can continue to live. And I can continue to pour my heart out on paper each week and encourage you to live your best life as well. It may not be the same as Halloween, but we can carry sparks of excitement with us as we intentionally wear our costumes whenever we want.

Halloween might be over already, but we can wear our costumes all year long. We can make a different wherever we go.

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