Forgetting How to Fly

One of the many joys of country life is getting to experience all kinds of critters. On any given evening we could see a raccoon, rabbit, armadillo, ‘possum, or deer on our dirt road. While I enjoy watching all of these animals, my favorite encounter is always with a turkey.

I don’t know what it is about turkeys. Anytime I happen upon one in the road, they take off running straight ahead. Of course, I can’t just follow slowly and watch the bird run; I have to hit the gas and crowd him. The closer I get, the faster and more panicked the turkey gets. He starts zigzagging and his fast trot turns into an even quicker run. Closer and closer I inch to the turkey. Then all of a sudden the turkey remembers he has wings, makes a few flaps and he’s up out of the range of my bumper. Now, for all of you animal lovers, I would never intentionally hit a turkey. I just enjoy reminding him he can fly!

The more I watch this scenario play out again and again, I can’t help but see the similarities between us humans and these forgetful turkeys. So many times when stuff starts coming at us or life gets hard we don’t know what to do. Instead of thinking through it, we panic. Fear sets in and we run. We feel inadequate to face the trial. The mountain seems too high to climb. We start zigzagging all over the place as our emotions lead the way. And just before we are overtaken, suddenly we remember we can fly. Logical thinking finally takes over and we realize that there is a way out.

Why does it take so long for us to remember that we fly? Why is it that we let our emotions and fears rule us instead of tapping into the strength that we know is there? Don’t wait until the pressure gets too high to tap into your strength. You know what it takes to get you through. Do it first, not last. Let your best shine through early in the game instead of forgetting where your strength comes from until the bumper is hot on your tail. Don’t be like those forgetful turkeys. Remember that you can fly.

September 25, 2019: Don’t Forget You Can Fly

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