Christy is a regular Chapel and Workshop leader at Honey Lake Clinic, the number one Christian Mental Health facility in the United States.

Christy is also available to speak at your event!

  • Motivational Meetings
  • Weekend Intensives
  • Women's Retreats
  • Youth and Children's Events


  • Testimony
  • Bible Teaching and Topical Studies
  • Recovery

Specific Prepared Topics

  • My Truth Versus God's Truth
  • Suit Up and Show Up (based on Joshua 1)
  • What Glasses are You Wearing?
  • What is Worship?
  • God's Will: A Place or Position?
  • Being Brave
  • Yes! Now What Was the Question?
  • When God Asks for Our Past
  • Getting Up When We Fall
  • Consistency, Obedience, and Discipline
  • Vulnerability and Transparency

Email Christy at

christybassadams @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

to schedule an event.

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