Bring Your Broken Tracks

November 28, 2018: Broken Tracks

Daniel desperately tried to fix the broken track today. He pushed and jammed but nothing made the tracks go back together. “Mama, I can’t do it,” he cried as he threw himself on my lap.

“Just bring it to me and I’ll fix it.” He pulled off a tiny piece of track and brought it to me.

“No, baby, you need to bring all of the broken pieces to me.”

He hurried back over to the floor and gathered up several other small broken pieces and set them in my lap. I quickly hooked them back together and said, “Now, bring me the bigger piece so we can hook it all back together.”

He snatched the newly constructed piece out of my hand and tried to hook it to the main track on the floor. He grunted and pushed, but the pieces just wouldn’t hook. “Mama. Fix it, pweeeze.” He was desperate now.

“Daniel, listen. I have to have ALL of the pieces. I can’t fix the broken track if I only have a small piece. Bring everything to me, all at the same time.” I saw the light come on and slowly he dragged the whole track to me, including the piece he had recently snatched away.

I hooked it all back together and he jumped up and down, “You did it! Yay! Tank ew, Mama!”

Every time Daniel brought me a piece of track today, all I could think about was Jesus yearning for my broken pieces. “Just bring it to Me and I’ll fix it.” I could just imagine Jesus holding out His hands, waiting for me to hand them over so He could take all of my broken pieces and make them new.

“No, baby, you need to bring ALL of the broken pieces to Me.” Can’t you hear Him whispering to you? Can you see the sadness on His face as you snatch the once surrendered pieces out of his grasp and try to fix it yourself? And can’t you just see His tender hands of mercy waiting as you finally reach your wits end. “Precious one, listen. I have to have ALL of the pieces. I can’t fix your brokenness if I only have a small piece. Bring everything to Me, all at the same time.

And then He masterfully hooks all of the pieces back together. It might take some time, but when He is in control, the waiting is worth the beauty that emerges.

A new track; a new life. But we have to let Him have it ALL.

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